The Number Six Club

Living in the Number Six Club

Well positioned in MIT's west campus, the Number Six Club is the only privately owned residence on campus. We (through our alumni organization), have privately owned this house since 1915, and has undergone several major rennovations and additions since.

Housing at No6

Located right in the center of Cambridge just off the MIT campus, the Number Six Club offers a great and convinient summer location to live in. Just a few minutes walk from Boston and Cambridge. Some of the rooms overlook the picturesque view of the Charles River that is quite a sight to behold in the lovely Boston summer. It is quite close to the heart of the city, but still offers a peaceful environment.

Our house has an open kitchen complete with oven and fridge space, laundry machines, sun roof and BBQ in garden, and spacious common areas. We can offer high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and there are house computers for everyone to use.

Summer Housing

Summer Move-In Dates

Rooms are available from Monday, May 31st. Moving in after that date is allowed, but you will need to pay for the time you missed since; however, the total price will be decreased by $100 if you move in after June 7th.

Summer Move-Out Dates

The final date to move out is the Saturday, August 26th. You can negotiate shorter stays during the summer directly with our summer organizers (at


All rooms are available from 31st of May through 26th of August (5/31 - 8/26).

The following is a breakdown of the different types of rooms available for the summer and their rent for the whole period of 3 months with the monthly rent given in parenthesis. Amounts listed for doubles are per person:

It is possible to negotiate a stay for a period shorter than 3 months.

*A split double room is a double room with a wall (and a door) splitting the space between the two residents into two different rooms.

Semester and IAP housing

Housing is also available during IAP, as well as Fall and Spring Semester.

The prices for the rooms during the semester are set at $3700 per semester.


A security deposit of $650 is required for confirmation of rent, required when the contract is signed.

Applying for Housing

In order to apply for housing at No6, please fill in this form. Rooms are given on a first-come first-served basis.

Questions and Information:

If you have any questions or concerns about Summer Housing, please send an email to our Summer House manager at:

If you have any questions or concers about Housing over IAP or the school year, please contact our presidents. Their information can be found here.

Contracts must be finalized by the first week of May.


  1. Make a reservation for a room by filling in this form. and wait for confirmation.
  2. After receiving the confirmation, we will need:
    1. A signed copy of the contract sent to you (you should keep a copy of the contract for your records).
    2. A photocopy of your driver's license (for US citizens) or a photocopy of your passport and US visa (for internationals).
    3. The security deposit. This can be sent via Paypal or by mailing a check to us.
    Failure to send us the above items within two weeks will result in the loss of the room confirmation.
  3. You should receive final confirmation that the documents have been received.
  4. Details on how to pay the security deposit will be attached to the contract.

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