The Number Six Club

CPW at the Number Six Club


Thursday, 10 April

06:36pm - Lecture with Professor Acemoglu -

07:36pm - Dinner at Number Six - Just arrived? Drop by our Fraternity for some dinner, made by our wonderful chef.

Friday, 11 April

06:06pm - Crêpes + Coffee - Come chill and share some delicious Crepes and Coffee with the Brothers and Sisters of No6.

08:06pm - Contemporary Discussions - Come chill in our awesome Roofdeck with the Brothers and Sisters of No6. Our diverse and vastly international members shall provide great company.

Saturday, 12 April

01:06pm - Barbecue at Nunmber Six - Come taste our awesome burgers prepared by our Venezuelan and Greek chefs! Great company will be provided.

10:36pm - Game Night -